Real Estates

Abderuf Plaza

Our company has acquired numerous buildings in Addis Ababa. Among some of the skyscrapers, Abderuf Plaza is situated at bole. It is 12 stories high with a magnificent view of the surrounding area and it has been rented out to banks and others. This beautiful skyscraper is filled with state of the art materials and elevators.

Abderuf Homes

Abderuf Homes is a G+12 Apartment. The first three floors are provided as a commercial center and the rest of the floors are intended for a living space. Each floor contains three apartments, two of the apartments contain two bedrooms and the third one contains three bedrooms, each apartment includes servants’ quarter. The last floor has two beautifully designed penthouses. The building has a sufficient parking space and the apartments are being sold to the public.

Abderuf Apartments

Abderuf Apartments is situated at Lamberet kotebe. It is a G+4 furnished apartment Building. Each floor contains two different apartments. The apartment situated on the left houses two bedrooms and the apartment situated on the right houses one bedroom. It has an enormous parking space; approximately fifteen cars can be parked. This magnificent living space is rented out to the public .