Ethiopian Coffee


Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. The regal coffees from this country are deserving of such a heritage and stand up to the calling. Referring to Ethiopia as a country of single origin, however, is misleading. Coffees from the different growing regions vary so incredibly that they do not even seem to be from the same planet!


Yirgachaffee Coffee

Internationally known and recognized as Yirgachaffee Brand Name. Grown coffee and has intense flavor known as flora. Has fine acidity and rich body. Many rosters are attracted to its fine and flavor and are willing to pay a premium price for it



Coffee with medium sized beans with greenish yellow color, medium acidity and full body, and a distinctive Mocha flavor. Internationally known and recognized as Harar Trade Brand Name and highest premium coffee in the world.


 Medium – sized bean, greenish-greyish in color. Due to balanced tastes and good flavor called Sweet coffee, has fine acidity and good body,.It is always blended for gourmet or specialty coffee.



Spicy and Winy flavor and attracts many roasters specially Europe and USA, has good acidity and body, washed Limmu is one of premium coffee, medium sized bean and greenish- bluish in color mostly round in shape


Medium-to-bold bean known for its fruity taste, has greenish-brownish in color with good acidity and body, there are many roasters who put its flavor in their blends, but it can also sold as an original gourmet or special original flavor.



Altitude heavy bodied cup with winy after test can be prepared as washed and sun dried.