Our mission is to import and export quality products with reasonable prices to maintain our customers satisfaction and sustain our profitability. We pursue our client’s happiness and success. We firmly believe that only by building a personal relationship with every single customer can we offer them the best product and services they require.


We aspire to be a globally respected organization providing unmatched, continual and quality products. Our scope is to act as the focal point between local and international market. We aspire to serve quality products to our business partners all over the world with efficiency. We also pride ourselves in establishing long lasting partnership with both our clients and suppliers.


Respect, quality and sustainability are just a few of our business values. Our business culture is based on a set of core values that are shared throughout the entire organization that support our vision and shape our work ethics.

Business Activities and upcoming Projects


Export All Ethiopian Agro Products (Pulses, Oil seeds,Cereals,Arebica Coffee)


Industrial Raw Materials,Transport And Heavy vehicles

Industrial Sector

Acrylic Yarn, Textiles, Automobile Assembly plant, Coffee Processing and Roasting Unit, Export oriented Slaughter House, Gem processing

Real Estate

Commercial Buildings, Water and amusement Park.